Dominating the Game Within - Meet Coach Josh

There I was talking with the great Carli Lloyd before the first match of her 2020 pro season in the Italian league, arguably the best league in the world. Carli is highly decorated. She has won multiple Italian league championships, champions league championships, a bronze medal, multiple best setter awards, and back in college the AVCA player of the year award. She has reached the pinnacle of our sport in so many ways. Here I was sitting with her and she was asking me to help mentally prepare her before her next match.


How I got to that point in my career as a mindset coach was by using the very technique that I use to prepare my players before their matches. That’s right! I practice what I preach. But it wasn’t always that way. See I was a walk on at BYU. And as a matter of fact I was worse than a walk on. I tried to walk on the team and I didn’t make it. But I had a positive attitude and I went to one of the assistant coaches. I gave him my phone number and said, “if you ever need an extra player give me a call.” A few weeks later I got the call. I became part of the BYU men’s volleyball team and part of our 2004 national championship.


I used to joke that I was the Rudy of BYU volleyball because I didn’t get to play until the very last match of my senior year. That joke became a strong desire to become a motivational speaker. I travelled the world and I spent thousands and thousands of dollars to learn from the best public speakers and coaches. As I was running around in these circles, I met Dave Austin. Dave is a world-renowned mindset coach. He has led Olympians to gold medals, AAA baseball players to becoming MLB all stars and MVPs, and professional tennis players to top 100 world rankings. He invited me to come spend some time at the Chicago Cubs spring training facility to get to know World Series MVP Ben Zobrist. What an experience!


From my time with Dave, I realized that every player that he worked with had phenomenal results. In fact, not just phenomenal results. They had the best results they ever had in their entire careers. To accomplish that, Dave created a signature process that allows anyone to take any coaching or mindset work and put it into immediate action during every game. We call that process The Game Ready. I was so impressed with Dave and The Game Ready that I asked Dave if he would train me on the Game Ready so I could take this method to the world of volleyball. I have an insatiable desire to share life changing, career altering tools with volleyball players. I want to take people who have no hope to high hopes. I want to take high flyers to new heights. We’re not talking just individuals. We’re taking entire teams and entire club programs to the best results they’ve ever seen collectively. My greatest desire is greater than that though. I want to elevate the entire sport of volleyball across the world!


That starts with changing the life of one individual. I want to change your life, whether you’re just a kid who needs to build volleyball skills or you’re a multi time champion and Olympian like Carli Lloyd. No matter where you are at in your volleyball journey, it’s time to hit the next level. But to do that you must be ready and there is no doubt in my mind, you must be Game Ready. Come join our family and learn how to become the best that you can be so that you can be a part of elevating your play, your life, and your sport.


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