Carli Lloyd's Setting Course

Carli Lloyd's Setting Course

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Meet your new coach, teammate and friend, Carli Lloyd.

This course covers Carli's journey through the sport - from her first time picking up a volleyball, becoming the NCAA player of the year, and the lessons she has learned from competing overseas and with Team USA. She also interviews some of the top setters from both the men's and women's side to share their perspective on the game in different skills that pertain to setting.

So here’s what you’ll get:

Over 58 Minutes of film to study and analyze, empowering with more clarity and confidence to achieve your goals, faster.

Day 1: The setters hands - Argued by many as the most important single piece to setting.
Day 2: The “ready for anything” posture - The importance of working from the ground up.
Day 3: A setter's vision - Training our eyes so we can make great game-time decisions.
Day 4: Why jump setting makes our team better - How to train it and all the ways it can add more value to your team’s offense.
Day 5: Having an offensive mindset - Become a threat to open up more space for your attackers!
Day 6: Squaring up - The biggest mistake young setters make and how to fix it
Day 7: Dominating the game within - Cultivating a relentless and gritty mindset to lead your team in every situation.

You’ll be ready to absorb all the information by video, broken up into 7 videos on the website, allowing you to implement, assess, come back and compare yourself.

Carli's accomplishments in volleyball:

🏆🇮🇹 Italian League Champ
🏆🇮🇹 2x Italian Super Cup Champ
🏆🇮🇹 Coppa Champ
🏆🇹🇷 Turkish Cup Champ
🏆🇧🇷 Brazil Cup Champ
🏆1x Cev Cup Champ
🏆1x Champions League Champ
🥉Olympic Bronze Medalist
🥇VNL Champ
🥇Pan Am Games Champ & Best Setter & MVP
🥇Pan Am Cup Champ & Best Setter

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Coach JC

It would be good to know what your thought processes is in certain situations against different types of players. For the course, it would be good if there were recommendations on drills that emphasize specific habits that you want to develop.

Joseph Justiss
Carli LLoyd's Setter Course

The course was solid. Great information. The limitation is that the course is geared to pretty much beginners. It's quite short. No information about the different types of outside, middle, and back sets and where these sets should be located, different tempos, working with hitters, etc.. If you want a great review of fundamentals, this is a great course.

Really good

I liked the course very much. Great videos, great Carli. Only thing why I didn't give 5 stars is that position 2 setting/squaring up for pos 2 is done really fast. But great videos and it built my confidence that I have been trying to do right things!

Leonel Rodriguez

Great content, my daughter loves how she is able to break down the position to the science and explain all the little details. She feels like she has leveled up and is motivated to put in the work now. Thank you Carli !!

Sebastian M.
Setting course great for technique!

I would like to begin with saying that I really enjoyed the course! I’ve since then bought the blocking course and I will also buy the last 2 courses. I was very happy with the course until I watched the blocking course where I realised it was missing something I’d like to see. In the blocking course it feels like so much information is being thrown at you each episode and it’s hard to watch more than one episode each time. While I’m happy with the the amount of information you get with the setting course I realised the reason it feels like you’re getting so much in the blocking course. In the blocking course you’re getting so much information about the actual game/game sense while with the setting course it felt like it wasn’t really going into game sense or reasoning behind sets except for the part where it was talked about being a offensive setter and reading your opponent with a quick look before setting. So in that regard I would love to get a little more insight on the strategy or reasoning for going outside/middle/oppo. Maybe less relevant for the players at a higher level than me but I’d love to hear it since I haven’t gotten a lot of theory behind stuff like this.

If I had to give it a rating I’d still give it a very strong 9/10 if not 10/10. Unfortunately I don’t personally have that much to compare it with but it felt very informative and easy to understand!