Taylor Averill's Blocking Course
Taylor Averill's Blocking Course

Taylor Averill's Blocking Course

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Oh what’s up volley friends? My name is Taylor Averill. I (like most of you) was just a kid who loved volleyball. Never could I have dreamed of making it this far. To go from basically a little baby giraffe who was the worst player at my local community center to becoming a 3x All-American at UH and now a 7x pro with Team USA. It’s safe to say I’ve learned a lot along the way. All of which, I plan to share with you…

This course is the ultimate guide to becoming an elite level Middle Blocker.
For the same price as 1 private lesson, here’s what you’ll get:

Over 72 minutes of film to study and analyze giving you more clarity and confidence to achieve your goals, faster.

  • Day 1: Setting yourself up for success. All the things worth physically and mentally preparing for before the ball even reaches the setters hands.
  • Day 2: Read blocking. How to focus on what matters and begin to make educated READS. Also we discuss my solutions for days when things aren’t going your way.
  • Day 3: How to move with elite speed from pin to pin. Breaking the conventional mold to begin to teach you concepts for moving faster typically frowned up in the middle blocker community.
  • Day 4: How to block anything thrown your way. Keys to physically blocking more balls…
  • Day 5: Commit Blocking. Time to load you full of options when it comes to blocking 1 on 1.
  • Day 6: High balls. How being stupid simple will make everyone proud.
  • Day 7: Emergency Footwork. Learning to make up for lost time. How to turn being late into one of your greatest weapons…

Tips for maximizing the application of this course.

My suggestion: After each day I recommend really analyzing and brainstorming how that information applies to you. Take new concepts and try them out. Take foundational concepts and be sure you’re applying them to your own game. PLAY AND EXPERIMENT. So coaches, players, pedestrians, If you have questions about any of the material, please reach out to me on IG @taverill13 or by email taverill13@gmail.com. I want to help! Let’s have a conversation and continue to grow the MB community by rethinking the way we train middles. Let’s get better together… #youwont