Dustin Watten's Digging Course

Dustin Watten's Digging Course

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My name is Dustin Watten, I am a World Cup Champion with Team USA & Bundesliga Champion. I've played 12 years in the Brazilian, German, Finnish, French league and in the Polish PlusLiga, where I am still playing today. Two years ago, I decided to create something that I wish I had at the start of my journey.

Your ultimate guide to saving those crucial balls. In this course you'll get every tool (described in detail) that I use to make play after play.

So here’s what you’ll get:

Over 57 minutes of film to study and analyze, empowering with more clarity and confidence to achieve your goals, faster.

  • Day 1: Preparing the arms to dig - The 4 ways you can give your team another chance
  • Day 2: Using the Split Step & Lining up the Attacker - The secret to moving faster & creating perfect positioning
  • Day 3: Defensive Posture - How bad defensive posture always leads to shanks and how you can correct it
  • Day 4: Digging up - How you can shank digs right into the setter’s hands
  • Day 5: Digging above the waist  - How you can dig with no hands while keeping the ball in play
  • Day 6: Digging with one arm - Perfecting the touch even if it's with one arm
  • Day 7: The Tip & Your Defensive toolbox - Diving like Giba to get the tip & completing your defensive tool box

You’ll be ready to absorb all the information in video form and you'll get complete access so you can watch at any time. Your growth will come from being able to implement the techniques, assess yourself and to continue to study these athletes and the concepts we talk about.

We’ll cover some of the best players in the world  and how you can take what they’re doing and make it your own. We will analyze and breakdown multiple ways of digging so you can choose your favorite player, become more familiar with their style and in turn, play just like them. You're ALL IN! I'm excited to get after it with you and help you build your own, individual path to greatness today.  There are no drills in this course.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Good start, hope it becomes perfect.

The passing and digging courses are pretty neat. It boosts your self-consciousness on the field and shows what and how to improve. It realIy helped me with my footwork and arms. I just hope that some more in detail videos of Dustin, drills and plans are added in the future without having to buy a new course. Grüße aus Deutschland

Ethan Larsen
Makes Defense Fun!

I love how this course has made digging more fun. Learning how to not be "perfect" but being able to get a good touch on the ball has allowed me to play more freely. Dustin does a great job of teaching different styles and methods that can help elevate your game!

Laura Hibbard
7 Day Digging Course: The Complete Athlete Set

The camera angles and distance from the player did not allow for adequate viewing of their form nor technique. Once you have UCLA libero Zoe recorded, then we will be interested in viewing the course.

Cesar A.
Amazing Technical Information

As a mexican volleyball player I really appreciate this kind of technical information or courses that aren't available here.

Dusty did a great job analyzing and sharing this kind of videos.

Seth Terry
I liked it

I think what he teaches is important for every skill level