Dustin Watten's Passing Course

Dustin Watten's Passing Course

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My name is Dustin Watten, I am a World Cup Champion with Team USA & Bundesliga Champion. I've played 12 years in the Brazilian, German, Finnish, French league and in the Polish PlusLiga, where I am still playing today. I decided to create something that I wish I had at the start of my journey:

Your ultimate guide to passing the perfect ball time after time. In this course you'll get every tool (described in detail) that I use to make play after play. 

So here’s what you’ll get:

Over 47 minutes of film to study and analyze, empowering with more clarity and confidence to achieve your goals, faster.

  • Day 1: The secret to the split step - Reach the ball faster and with more balance than ever before
  • Day 2: Creating Space with our arms - No space = shanked balls
  • Day 3: Creating more time by... waiting
  • Day 4: Moving like Sergio - Stealing time
  • Day 5: Moving like Sergio - Defend half the court in half the Time 
  • Day 6: Moving like Sergio - Maintaining balance no matter the situation 
  • Day 7: The Keys to Passing a perfect ball 

Learn how the pros learn and start studying and analyzing the best players in the world. Study and absorb how they move, the intricate details in creating space after contact and how they're able to make play after play with ease.

I'll breakdown the best players in the world - who have dominated at the highest level, in the highest leagues so you can choose your favorite player, become more familiar with their style begin to play more like them.

You're ALL IN! I'm excited to get after it with you and help you build your own, individual path to greatness today. There are no drills in this course.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Nice passing Course

Hey you,

I only want to say that this passing course really helped me to become a good outside hitter. Only a few weeks ago I couldn't do one good reception without any luck.
Today I can say that my defense and reception had a big impact on winning our last game!

Thanks Dustin

Amazing course, what’s the next step?

Hey Dustin, (Coach Dustin?, Guru Dustin?, Jedi passing knight Dustin??)
I wanted to first thank you for your passing and digging courses! I have enjoyed and adored exploring and learning from these amazing videos. I am not only implementing them into my own game, but trying to pass on your knowledge and love for the game onto my teammates and the players I coach. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see just how much they help me to improve this coming season!
I do have a couple question for you. You referenced the video presentation and drills to further my knowledge. I was wondering I can access those? I would love to keep on improving and extending my love for the game

Billy Del Riego
Better than anything else on the internet

This course is great. My kid is a 13 yr old libero for a top club here in So Cal and I wanted him to see how the best passers/diggers play. After watching him improve almost overnight, I decided to watch the course myself to see if it could help improve MY game as well. Suffice it to say I couldn't be happier. Took my worst skill (passing) to another level...
VERY happy customer!

Passing Course

I really needed this, great information and insight.

Davis Melnis
Small thing

A lot of small thing you didint notice, thats what Dustin is teaching to you. After course i whatched videos on youtube and notice a lot new thing in atger players in passing